Updated: Reading on June 9th #Canlit


Hi again!

Time to update this post. :-)

The reading was last night and it was a lot of fun. It was a pleasure to meet Ann, and a thrill to finally read with my friend Sonia. We read, we had a good Q&A…there was even a little belly dancing! (Yours truly tapped out the beat on a little djembe.) And you thought readings were dull! ;-)

Here are a few snapshots.

Books Carson1 Carson-Saikaley


I hope you get a chance to check out Carson-Kushwaha-Saikley2Sonia’s and Ann’s work. You can find them on Twitter (@SaikaleySonia @Ann_E_Carson) like me (@MsAnitaKushwaha

A big thanks to Pei-Ju from Octopus Bookstore (@OctopusBooks) for hosting a wonderful evening, and to our publishers for their support as well (@QuattroBooks @InannaPub).

I also want to thank you for your words of encouragement and interest pre- and post-event. The messages and good vibes really meant the world.

Thank you!

A :-)



Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is off to a great start. :-)

Here’s some information about an upcoming reading: http://bit.ly/1RtjGmQ. It would be lovely to see you there!

But I know many of you live overseas, so I’ve included a link to an audio clip of chapter 3 of The Escape Artist as well. I’ve been meaning to make another clip for ages now…hopefully I’ll do that soon. If you’re interested in listening to chapters 1 and/or 2, you can find them if you scroll down, and who knows, you might discover a recipe or book quote that you enjoy in the process. ;-)

Thanks for dropping in and have a gentle Monday,

A :-)

29 thoughts on “Updated: Reading on June 9th #Canlit

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  1. That is so cool Anita, thank you. Looking forward to listening to Chapters 1 and 2 too :-) Keep well my friend and all the best for the 9th of June. Wish I could just jump on a plane and come over. xxx

    1. Thanks so much, mon amie! I hope you enjoy the chapter 1 and 2 excerpts. It’s quite fun putting them together and I think I’m slowly getting better at reading out loud, ha ha. Aw, I SO wish you could hop on a plane too! I appreciate all your kind wishes! xo :-)

  2. This is indeed so wonderful Anita! I wish I was nearby, I would certainly go to hear you read. In fact, I wish I lived in a place that was more artistically inclined. I hope to be invited to read somewhere when my children’s book comes out other than just reading it to my cats, ha ha. I have absolutely no experience reading my own work, but I certainly read a lot of other books to kids. Congrats!

    1. Thank you so much! Having you there would definitely be a treat! Reading in front of others has taken me a little while to get used to. I have one of those breathy voices that quivers as soon as I’m a touch nervous, haha. But more and more I’ve been focusing on having fun and enjoying the moment. When will your children’s book be coming out? Ha ha, I’m rather fond of practising with my cat. Such a great listener! ;-) Thanks again!

      1. I’m not to fond of reading in front of people as I am such an introvert. Cats make such a wonderful audience :) My book will come out in July so it will be about a month before school starts here.

      2. I’m the same way, such an introvert. But somehow I’ve developed a way of tricking myself into it my framing it as a work thing. Since I’m a workaholic, this tactic works well for me, ha ha! Very exciting news about your book and wishing you all the best with its launch in July! :-)

    1. That’s very kind of you, thanks so much for listening, and for the good vibes for next week’s reading. Hopefully I’ll post another chapter excerpt soon, and who knows, maybe even an event recap if I get enough good pictures! Thanks so much for visiting! :-)

    1. Lynn, thank you so much for this! I really appreciate the shout out. You just made my day. Thank you! I’m happy to report that last night’s reading went well. Of course, it would have been better with you there. Have a wonderful day and thanks again! :-) XO

      1. Thanks so much, Lynn! That means the world to me, you have no idea. :-) It went really well, the other authors were lovely, the readings themselves went smoothly, and there was a pretty good discussion afterwards too. I’m pleased because I might not have another reading for a while, a bit of a summer hiatus, so it felt good to wrap things up on a positive note. Thanks again, Lynn, you made my day, truly! :-) XO

    1. Thank you so much! And sorry for the late reply. Life has been hectic lately. How’s the meditation going? :-)

      1. I can understand that. I haven’t been meditating every day. I do have an infrared sauna that I have been using for about six months and this has really helped me to calm my mind. I think it helped me to transition into meditation. I looked into Dr. Neff’s website and I love it! It is filled with so much useful information. And the meditations are very good. They give me more options. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

      2. Oh neat, I haven’t tried infrared saunas yet but I’ve heard lots of good things about them. I might have to give them a try too! I’m so pleased that you found Dr. Neff’s site helpful. :-) Whenever I visit it, I’m so happy it’s there. I hope things are going well! I’ve been lost in the creative rabbit hole lately, and thought I’d pop up for a little air, ha ha. Happy weekend! :-)

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