Where’d You Go, Anita? #writing

Hi there!

Wowzers, this is embarrassing…

So, I took a blog hiatus that was suppose to last for the summer. I was crown-deep in revisions and far down the creative well and just plain busy. (Who isn’t? I know.) Well, summer very quickly slipped into fall and fall into winter and now it’s 2017?!!!

It isn’t that I haven’t thought of you, I have. I’ve read lots of books that I thought you would like. And I’ve baked things I thought you might want to try. I’ve even snapped photos of said baking and dog-eared pages of great quotes from said books.

But I haven’t written and it was crappy of me but I’m high on New Year’s spirit and hoping to turn over a new electronic leaf. I hope you’re still there. :-)

So what’s new? I see you’re growing out that beard, nice. That new shade of lipstick suits you. I really like the last poem you posted. Oh, how I’ve missed drooling over your vegetarian creations. Not to mention those cakes!


Nothing much, really. I started a part-time gig to give me a little space from my writing desk. Yes, it was the creative fatigue, but that’s better now. I actually got back to writing this week and it’s been scary and obsessive and overwhelming. In other words, it’s been great and I’m happy to be back at it. The break was necessary, though, and came with many perks in the form of new lovely people in my life and new experiences. I think the kids call that a win-win.

As I mentioned, I finished an exhausting round of revisions by early fall on a manuscript that I’ve been working on for the last six years. The good news is that just before the holidays my book baby found a good home. My book baby has a future! Ha ha. Sometimes you just don’t know…You have a book baby and send it out into the world and you don’t know how it will fare. I imagine parents of human children experience this too. ;-) More news about this later.

On the baking side of life, I got into watching The Great British Bake-Off thanks to some British expat friends and fell under the blue-eyed spell of Mary Berry. I can’t believe there was ever a time when I didn’t know MB existed or what a technical challenge was! It’s shameful. I baked Mary’s Yule Log for Christmas this year and it was a crowd-pleaser, but then, how could it be anything less?

Book recs?

“All the Light We Cannot See” – pure magic.

Image result for all the light we cannot see

“The Best Kind of People” – unsettling but important.

Image result for the best kind of people

“Bossypants” – funny, surprising and insightful.
Image result for bossypants quotes do your thing

Any resolutions?

Come on, we all make them.

Mine? Ha ha, well, I’m going to work at being a more consistent and effective communicator. Seriously, it’s #1 on the list. I’m going to work at being politely assertive and more honest with people about how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. (Introverts aren’t natural whiz kids at this, big surprise.) I’m going to see new places within my beautiful homeland and beyond it. I’m going to eat more cake and take more naps, more often than not, in that order.

That’s about it.

Oh, and no more a-holes. I think that’s a resolution we can all embrace. :-)

I don’t know about you but 2016 kicked my ass. Typical Year of the Monkey shenanigans. Maybe that’s the reason my hiatus lasted so long. ??? A woman I was speaking to last week at my day job summed it up perfectly. She said that 2016 was a year of loss and assault. Just when you’d caught your breath, something else would happen, someone else would pass away, something else would happen in the world that made you question humanity and its path. I know good and great and spectacular things happened too but somehow it’s the loss and assault feeling that’s stuck with me. And I’ve been happily letting it go. I’m looking forward to this snowy fresh start of sorts and moving forward toward the good things that I know are ahead.  I can’t quite see them, they’re a little too far-off and blurry, but I know they’re there.

If you’ve made to this point in my ramble, wow, thanks, I would have given up three paragraphs ago. ;-)

Looking forward to connecting soon.

Thanks as always for dropping in.

Happy New Year to you!

A :-) xo

PS. Get anything good for Christmas?

PPS. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that I got to see Margaret Atwood at our local writers’ festival in October! She wore skeleton gloves (pre-Halloween) and rapped from her new book “Hag-Seed.” Pure awesome.

PPPS. Also awesome: I started formal piano lessons. And I’m awful! Who knew that a writer who spends all day typing would have such weak fingers? I’m still shocked. ;-)






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  1. Yay!!!! She’s back! I am doing what you did….and abandoning the blog to write more. So glad to see a post from you today! And a good one at that! 😊

    1. Thank so much, mon amie!! It feels good to be back, ha ha! I hope your writing is going well and I’m sending good vibes as always! :-) xxx

  2. This was great! Welcome back! I too discovered The Great British Bake-Off and Mary Berry. I love it and her!!! It is wonderful to hear about your new book and your piano lessons! You were missed!

    1. Thanks so much for your message! It’s great to hear from you! :-) Aw, I’m so happy to meet another Mary Berry fan. Isn’t she the greatest? I’ve got to try out more of her recipes. I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts, I’ve missed them! :-)

    1. Hi Claire! It’s great to hear from you! Ha ha, I totally get it now. GBBO is amazing! I heard that it’s going to have new hosts next year? Won’t be the same without Mary, Mel and Sue. Looking forward to catching up on what you’ve been up to. :-)

      1. In what became close to some sort of national scandal, the production company who make the Bake Off couldn’t get as much money as they wanted out of the BBC, so they sold the format to Channel 4. Quite rightly, Sue, Mel and Mary all said the BBC had nurtured and supported the show since day one and their loyalty lay with the Beeb. Unsurprisingly, Paul Hollywood is jumping ship and going over to Channel 4. Because of contract restrictions, the production company have to wait 2 years after leaving the BBC before they can make another series. So no Bake Off this year :-( Although, that said, I’m not sure it’ll be the same without Mel, Sue and Mary. We’ll have to wait and see.
        It was surprising how upset people got about the whole thing. Just goes to show how much people love shows about cake! haha!

      2. Wow, what a mess! Ha ha, I totally agree, cake is serious business. ;-) I heard that Hollywood is going to get a ridiculous amount of money too. Something like 25 million pounds? I wonder if that’s just a rumour…I’m going to go into withdrawal. There’s an American version now and it’s good because Mary’s there but it’s not quite the same. It’ll have to do in the meantime, though, for me anyway. Sigh… :-)

  3. Hey my friend !!! I read your entire ramblings :-) I really was happy when I saw your name pop up in my emails :-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! I really do hope 2017 treats you well (I have to admit, your colleague from work, nailed it on the head, 2016 was a year full of losses and assaults.
    I have thought of you often, even checked to see if maybe I had missed posts and that maybe WP was not being my friend.
    Nothing much on my side, life goes on. I don’t do the resolution thing, as honestly I never stick to it EVER !!!
    Glad to have you back and look forward to your further posts :-) x

    1. Lynne! Oh my goodness, it’s so lovely to hear from you. :-) I’ve thought of you often too and missed reading about your tasty creations an happenings in your life. I fell right off the map and I realize now that I shouldn’t have just disappeared like that. Ha ha, I totally understand what you mean about resolutions. I was very wary of making any but decided to settle for not too many instead. ;-) I’m hoping for better this year for all of us. Did you have a nice Christmas? Happy happy New Year to you too! Glad to connect and looking forward to your posts!! :-) xo

      1. Christmas was lovely thank you, and thank you for the New Year wishes. We stayed at home over Christmas, we always do. I am a homebody :-) The weather was lovely, so we spent a fair amount of time enjoying the good weather outside :-) I cooked up a feast on Christmas Eve and we had my husbands family over. Christmas Day was relaxed and chilled and so enjoyable just with our girls. How was your Christmas and New Year?
        I have to tell you, you know your Gluten Free Cookies I am still forever making those.:-)
        Also, well done on the piano lessons :-) :-) :-)
        Stay well my friend xxx

      2. Ooh, it’s lovely to hear that you had a restful holiday with your family! Mine was a little sad this year because I was apart fro my husband. He was visiting with his family in London and I really missed him. But he made it back on the evening of Dec 31 so we got to ring in the new year together, which felt special and important. We decided to never spend xmas apart, so that’s good! I guess you never know what it’s going to be like until you experience it. :-) I’m so glad that you’re still making the cookies! They’re a fave of mine too! I have to make them again soon. I made gluten-freen ginger molasses cookies over the holidays and I need to post about them soon! Take good care, mon amie! :-) XO

  4. Oh, Anita! So good to see your post! Time does find a way of slipping past, doesn’t it?
    I put ALL THE LIGHT at the top of my ‘books I read in 2016’ list, too. A writer’s dream.
    I donated my piano last year (had played since age 6, but no longer find time), I’ve taken on editing work to supplement all the vast income I don’t make from my novels 😉 and I’m going to Switzerland on Tuesday for a little writing retreat.

    Welcome back! 💙❤💚

    1. Hi Martha! It’s great to hear your news. :-) Wow, have so much fun on your retreat in Switzerland! Can’t wait to hear about it. I’ve always wanted to visit. :-) It’s great to be back!!

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