Love is… #baking #writing

We grapple with love a lot, don’t we? What is it? How do you know when you’ve found it? How do you keep it?

How do you communicate it?

In a song? A look? A story?

A cake?

A friend of mine recently told me about love languages. The concept is based on a book entitled “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heart-felt Communication to Your Mate” by Gary Chapman. I usually switch to auto-tune out when  presented with self-helpy type stuff. But I was intrigued. Well, enough to Google it and do some minimal digging on Wikipedia. ;-)

What are the five love languages?

-Words of affirmation

-Acts of service

-Receiving gifts

-Quality time

-Physical touch

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I started thinking about what my primary love language might be. Then went back to planning this year’s V Day dessert.

And like an oven timer going off, it all became so clear. Acts of service! In the form of baked goods.

Baking is certainly one of my love languages and has been since I was a little. I get a high from seeing the people I love enjoy something I’ve made for them. Maybe because the smiles on their faces are a small reflection of how they make me feel and I want to give a little of that back.

It’s really nice to have someone to bake for, isn’t it? Us bloggers always talk about how baking is sharing, baking is caring. But it’s also a privilege. You get the opportunity to bake for people, to show them you love them, for a finite amount of time.

What is love?

This V Day, love is lava cake.

I borrowed this recipe from GBBO host, Paul Hollywood. To follow along, click:

They were warm and rich and delicious. And in that sense, very much like love.

If I had to make a small adjustment, I’d say bake for a little longer. That is, if you prefer more cake in your cake-to-sauce ratio.  Okay, back to tummy rubbing.

Happy V Day!

And if you get the chance, check out the incredible One Billion Rising events happening all over the world today. #RiseinSolidarity.

A :-) XO




12 thoughts on “Love is… #baking #writing

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  1. Oh my ! I think I am in love !!! I could literally taste those volcano’s. Paul Hollywood has such a great reputation, with his bread making, I wasn’t aware he was a star at all sweet things too ! :-) x

    1. I fell in love with GBBO this year and am always impressed to watch PH bake bread. His hands are huge from all that kneading hahaha! It was my first time trying one of his recipes and I was very happy with it. Wow, was it ever rich. But perfect for V Day. Or any special day. Like Wednesday! Ahahaha. :-)

    1. Thank you, it was so tasty! I’ve already got a request to bake it up again soon. :-) I hope you had a great Valentine’s too! Baking is definitely love!

    1. I love that show! I’m going to miss it as a BBC production. Hard to imagine it without Mary Berry. I would bake these any day of the week, especially a Thursday! ;-)

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