Family Literacy Day!

Happy Family Literacy Day! As an author mom, there’s almost nothing better than reading with my daughter and watching her develop a love for stories. Recently, I’ve spied her grabbing books from the shelf and flipping through them on her own. She’s also started that wondrous imaginative play phase of toddlerhood, babbling with her stuffies and telling us her own little tales. It’s a beautiful thing to catch a glimpse of what’s happening inside that beautiful mind.

Just happens to be reading the kidlit version of my favourite, “Wuthering Heights.”


The theme for Family Literacy Day this year is all about celebrating and learning about your heritage! #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Here are some of Diya’s favourites at the moment! We live in a city that’s very snowy about five months of the year, so learning about the season has really helped her embrace her new environment and play in the white stuff! She loves making snowballs and angels like Peter from “The Snowy Day,” singing “The Itsy Bitsy Snowman” to a familiar tune, and seeing how Jasmine gets out of a stormy situation in “So Much Snow.”

“Sweetest Kulu” is simply gorgeous, and reminds me of all the time I spent in the Arctic. For days it was all she wanted to read. “Who Takes Care of You?” is such a sweet book about how family can look many different ways, with the unifying force of love. I’m quite delighted she’s grown fond of Elizabeth from one of my childhood faves, “The Paper Bag Princess,” which I still remember reading in the library on a bean bag at elementary school. We’ve changed a few words here and there to give it an update (“brave” instead of “beautiful” princess; expensive “books” instead of “clothes”; “befriend” rather than “marry” Prince Ronald). She loves shouting “Hooray!” at the end when Elizabeth stands up for herself and skips off into the sunset, hopefully in search of better friends. 💪 We were gifted “The Day I Met a Monster” and “Russell the Sheep” at playgroup this Christmas. 🥰 The former is such a lovely book about empathy and talking about feelings, it’s quickly become a fave. And what kidlit roundup would be completely without a book about going to sleep! 🙃 Russell gets there in the end, and the pictures are lovely too.

So, there you have it!

What’s on your kidlit shelf?

Happy reading together and Happy Family Literacy Day! xo

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