Let out, let in…

Daniel skating

We went for a skate at our local rink today. It had just snowed and we were the only ones in the park. For a little while, we fell silent as we carved swirls onto the ice. Skating always makes me feel so free, once I find my groove. I couldn’t help but think about the things I want to leave behind as the year draws to an end.

How about you? What are you ready to let go of? What are you ready to let in?

7 thoughts on “Let out, let in…

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    1. Walking in the woods is a favourite of my too. It’s funny that you should mention knee issues because part of the reason I’m such a reluctant skater now is due in large part to a repaired meniscus I had back in my early twenties that took a very long time to heal. Wishing you all the best for your surgery and happy new year!

  1. 2018 was a tough year for me. I am very much ready to shed its skin and focus on a more positive 2019! I received a Kindness journal from my sister for Christmas and I plan to really use it next year- jotting down and implementing kindness even when it is hard. 💙

    1. I hear you, Kendra. Daniel and I were talking about how challenging this year has been over breakfast and I told him that while there was a mix of good and bad things that happened this year, and I’m proud of the strides we’ve made, I’m happy the year is coming to an end, and I’m not sad to see it go. I know how challenging the year was for you and yours as well. Here’s to a brighter, more gentle 2019! Love you, Book Sis! :-) XO

  2. I agree! We both, as well as so many others, need a fresh start and fresh perspective! Here’s to a fantastic 2019, Book Sis! Love you too, my friend! I can already see a much brighter journey into 2019!!!!

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