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side by side cover

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be sharing the cover for my upcoming novel, Side by Side, with you at last! The official launch for the book is this fall and will be published by the dynamic and boundary-pushing Inanna Publications (website link below), who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

It feels like a dream to finally see this book coming to life. I’ve been working on it for close to eight years now. I can’t imagine that any other book I write in the future will mean more to me, nor will any other book demand as much of me as Side by Side has. The word vulnerable comes to mind, as does hope.

What can I say, the artwork beautifully captures the close connection between the siblings in the book, Kavita and Sunil.

Here’s the book blurb:

Kavita Gupta is a woman in transition. When her troubled older brother, Sunil, disappears, she does everything in her power to find him, convinced that she can save him. Ten days later, the police arrive at her door to inform her that Sunil’s body has been found. Her world is devastated. She finds herself in crisis mode, trying to keep the pieces of her life from falling apart even more. As she tries to cope with her loss, the support system around her begins to unravel. Her parents’ uneasy marriage seems more precarious. Her health is failing as her unprocessed trauma develops into more sinister conditions. Her marriage suffers as her husband is unable to relate to her loss. She bears her burden alone, but after hitting her lowest point, she knows she needs to find a better way of coping. Desperate for connection, she reaches out to a bereavement group, where she meets Hawthorn, a free-spirited young man with whom she discovers a deep connection through pain. After being blindsided by a devastating marital betrayal, she wonders if a fresh start is possible in the wake of tragedy. Will she escape her problems and start over? Or will she face the challenges of rebuilding the life she already has? Side by Side is a story about loss, growth and the search for meaning in the wake of tragedy, illuminated through one woman’s journey from harm to care.

Inanna Publications:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more soon!

A :-) xo

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  1. Congratulations my friend ! This is wonderful. I am so looking forward to reading this once it is out and published. What a tremendous accomplishment. I am so proud of you. Keep well and lots of love <3

    1. Lynne! Thank you SO much for your kind words! I’m so sorry that I’ve been away from the blog world. Life has been so hectic with revising the book. How are you? I hope you’re having a great time cooking up new recipes! Sending lots of love xxx

      1. My pleasure Anita :-) .
        I am great, thank you. Always well. I know you have been incredibly busy and that is okay…all for the best. Your book is of high importance!
        Anita, decided to give up blogging recently, and posted my last post a couple months ago. Blogging just became too much for me and started taking over my life. What started out as a hobby became so much more and I just felt that I was neglecting my family and home. Since I have stopped, I feel more relaxed and I think this suits me better. I still am on email, so look forward to your further posts …..and yes, I am loving cooking up new recipes!
        Lots of love xxx

      2. Oh wow, I really am out of the loop, aren’t I? I’m sorry to be only learning this now, my fault for dropping off the map. I can totally see how blogging can get to be a little overwhelming. That’s part of the reason why I had to step away while I’ve been working on the book, because even though I enjoyed it so much, it distracted me at times, and I felt that I needed to pour every ounce of my attention into my novel. It’s a hard choice to make, but by the sound of it, one that you’re happier with! Do you think you’ll go back to it someday? I’m glad to hear that we’ll be able to keep in touch, though! And I’m happy to hear that all is well where you are and that you’re creativity is still flowing with your recipes! I’ll definitely keep you posted about any developments with the book as things move along. Thanks so much for your support! Keep well, my friend! :-) XO

  2. Hahahaha it is totally fine. I didn’t expect you to be in the loop :-) with everything going on in your life. I am not too sure if blogging will be in my future right now, I guess time will tell. In the meanwhile, I look forward to your future posts. Keep well my friend. Love and Hugs to you and Noodles. xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Lynne! We’re actually off to London soon for a wedding so that will be a nice break for a change. :-) You’ll know when and if it’s time to come back to blogging. Either way, I’m glad we’ll be able to keep in touch, and I hope you enjoy time with you kitties and family! Love and hugs to you until next time, friend! XO :-)

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